Tuesday, April 18, 2017

18 Months

This boy. Those eyes. That sweet little voice saying, "mama". Oh my heart.

This has been the sweetest six months. Watching this boy learn and grow is such a joy. He is such a talkative little guy. Always singing and jabbering to his own tune and telling his own story.

He (finally) loves reading books. He'll get a book, give it to you and go pat the place he wants you to sit to read to him and say, "booh, booh, dah, dah, moe, moe, booh, booh, moe, dah, dah". He's pretty good about playing by himself and playing with Emerson, but still pretty much loves his momma except for the first 10 minutes after daddy gets home. Harrison LOVES the vacuum and his little trike. He's so proud of himself as he rolls around the house.

Harrison really does prefer his own little language but he's coming along with his vocabulary. He's really good at following directions and I'm always amazed at the things he understands and follows. Here's what he says, off the top of my head.

Dah/yah - yes, usually shouted: DAH!!
Mama - mommy and milk
Dada - daddy
Lala - Emerson
bapa - Papa
dama - Grandma
bye-bye - he also adds names to this, bye-bye mama, bye-bye moo etc
Bihe - bite
Bapple - apple
Diss - this
Moe - more
Booh - book
Heyo - Hello
wawa - water
baby - self explanatory
bubble - self explanatory
Oh luh - Oh Look, usually shouted OH LOOK!!
Ow-wow - owie
opah - open
dow - down
uh-dah - up
Raah - tiger, lion, bear
Mow - meow
Woo-wooh - woof woof
Baah - Sheep.. always kinda loud
Ahh oooh ahh - monkey noise
Uh-oh - still uh-oh
  Uh-oh mama - his favorite combo ;)
Mo dah - more that. usually more cheese, but more of what he's pointing at
Mo dis - more of this, usually pulling at the fridge
No no - right after he's done something wrong
Soos - Shoe.. kid loves shoes
Yewo - yellow
bwu - blue
There are more.. but I can't think of them at the moment.

Harrison is such a funny little guy. He has such unique little mannerisms. He's persistent and somewhat adventurous. He'll climb anything, or fall trying. He's also really sweet and snuggly and loves to help. He has his own little way of telling on himself and simultaneously ignoring my instructions to stop what he's doing wrong. He can eat as much as Emerson sometimes, but there are things that he just. wont. eat. no matter how I disguise them, avocado is the most befuddling. He does love: meat, coconut flakes, chomping salmon oil capsules (right!?), carrots, sardines, cheese and water from a real glass.

He likes to attempt arts and crafts with Emerson. He's okay at coloring and painting but he has a hard time following the rules like 'only on paper' and 'don't eat the ___'. He desperately loves to be outside. If he thinks that anyone might be going outside, he's on it. Grabbing his shoes and saying, "soos, soos, dah, ouw, ouw, dah, soos, dah. gabba dobba gibber gabber. ouw!" and heading to the door. When it's time to come inside... oof.. you'd better have a good distraction or be prepared for a major meltdown. Additional meltdown triggers: taking away or closing the toothpaste tube, sunscreen or chapstick.

Without further ado.. mys on whom despises photo shoots and my dear daughter who can sit sweetly with a smile for shot after shot after shot until Harrison looks and then she's taking a break ;). Ha!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Harrison and the First Birthday Party

Harrison was adorable. However, he basically had no clue what was going on :)! He totally got into his cake though, and there are a million pictures to prove it. I love first birthday cakes! He loved his gifts, but wasn't that interested in opening them. The favors, weak as they were being a last minute impulse buy straight from the Target party section, were really a big hit. Creativity: low Popularity: high. 

The day wasn't as bittersweet as I knew I would feel a week from then, since I liked to tell myself all day that he wasn't really one yet. It felt like a practice party but it wasn't ;). And a week later, he really did turn one. (Sob sob sob) It was a fun sweet afternoon with our people, lovin on our little Monkey. 

So without further ado.. here are the pictures, which will pretty much tell the rest of the story ;).

Birthday boy <3 td="">

These two :)<3 td="">

Love these kiddos!

And their momma!
My snuggle bug

And the cake pictures... my favorites!

Last minute addition.. Pancakes and Bacon cupcakes

Worst cheesecake I've ever made. Oh well! That's what I get for trying to bake two at a time a week in advance.

His little smash cake.

Football hold! Ha!

He's a food share-er

You want a piece of this?!

Loving the freedom of his new wheels!


Funny thing... we realized my parents' piano is Harrison brand! 

Last but not least... This sequence cracks me up. Emerson and Harrison are never smiling and looking and happy at the same time for pictures. NEVER. And occasionally, it's because Emerson is being too silly when we all know she can photo pose with the best of them ;). Ahh.. our family pictures.

There you have it. My last minute, low prep birthday party. My poor little Harrison, not the first child, and so his party didn't get half as much planning as Emerson's first birthday party did. We were gone for a week before this in Canada and had to plan and pack for it the week before, but also for Canada (and thinking about taking everything across the border) so my brain was a little stretched. In the end, it all came together better than I expected thanks to some last minute Pinterest, my cousin Macey's grocery store run and for taking pictures, my dad and Blake and a chainsaw. And of course my mom hosting it at their house and having it ready before they left for a week too. I may be forgetting someone.